Forming Cohesive Action: Mutuality vs. Individuality

August 13, 2020

There are two competing factors on the path to forming cohesive action. First, mutuality is the sharing of a feeling, action, or relationship between two or more parties. When an organization discusses results, it must be from this viewpoint rather than individual perspectives. Each member of the workforce is responsible for actions and behaviors which are assumed to drive desired outcomes.

But, second, everyone has their own bias, self-interest, and opinions on the interpretation of results. It is natural human behavior that each person acts in its self-regard. An organization must train each employee to see things through the eyes of the plan while understanding their role in it.

This mutual understanding is needed to form cohesive action.

When people begin to look at it through self-interest, results get watered down or exaggerated, leading to an inefficient process. The marketplace is a harsh judge leveling its judgment over time or in an instant. Organizations have to prepare for challenges it will face on it is the journey. A disciplined approach of reviewing and discussing results builds the mutual understanding forging the bonds of teamwork and confidence.

At Strabo, our Results management discipline helps groups develop the skills to have fruitful discussions of results.

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